How To Recover GoPro Deleted Video?

GoPro is one of the most popular action camera for shooting HD videos of outdoor sports. Because of its cutting edge features such as waterproof, shockproof wearable it is used by professional sport person as well as common people to freeze their exciting moment. If you own a GoPro camera then you must have captured lots of your exciting moment. These moments come rarely and we never want to lost them. But like any other storage device data loss is a common thing with GoPro camera. There are many user who lost or deleted their videos and that's the reason why how to recover GoPro deleted video is one of the most searched query on Internet.

There are numerous of people who like to record their thrilling moment and to do this there is no better camera than GoPro. Assume a situation where you go outdoor or for vacation and there you shoot videos while swimming, surfing, snowboarding etc. These moments are not going to come again so you never even think about deleting these moments. However, there are several users who lose or delete their crucial videos from GoPro action camera. For instance when you are recording outdoor videos and during the recording process the battery of camera get low and it get switched off. After charging when you again start your camera you found the video missing.

In such situation many user get panic as they are unable to access their videos and thinking about the possible way of how to recover Gopro deleted video. So how to recover GoPro deleted video? Before knowing the solution to recover videos lets know some other reason of video loss from GoPro camera.

Reasons Behind Deletion Of Videos From GoPro Camera

  • Accidentally selecting videos and clicking on Delete option while watching videos on GoPro camera
  • Lose connection between your system and GoPro camera while transferring videos may also result in data loss.
  • Occurrence of error message due to corruption of GoPro camera memory card also makes the video inaccessible.
  • Formatting the SD card of GoPro camera accidentally or intentionally will wipe out all its content.
  • Reasons like improper ejection of SD card, sudden power failure, virus attack can also lead to loss of videos from GoPro camera.

Points To Remember :-
"Avoid shooting videos from your GoPro camera when its battery is low". "Refrain from using the GoPro camera once your data get deleted from it". "Always pay attention when you are removing any video files from GoPro". "Keep Backup of your important videos on some other storage device".

Is It Possible To Recover Deleted GoPro Videos Manually?


Yes, there are still some ways through which you can try to find out your deleted videos manually. Every computer whether it is Mac or Windows must have place where all the deleted files. So on your computer you can check your recycle bin or Trash folder to restore the deleted videos. If you have created backup then you can also restore your videos from there. But the question is how to recover GoPro deleted video if the trash is empty or there is no backup? Well no need to depressed, using a proper recovery software you can still get back your videos.

Software To Retrieve Videos Which Get Deleted Or Lost From GoPro


Using a proper recovery software one can easily recover deleted or lost videos from GoPro camera. Well, there are lots of recovery program available in market which claim to provide best experience but not all of them. To make the work easy we have searched and collected some best software which will provide the solution for your how to recover GoPro deleted video question. So read and select the best one which allow you to get back your cheerful moments.

Software Ratings Experience Download
Stellar Photo Recovery 9/10 Simple
Wise Data Recovery 7/10 Easy
Wondershare Photo Recovery 8/10 Complex

1.)Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a preeminent software which can recover erased, lost, corrupted or formatted videos from your GoPro camera. In the event that you have ever deleted your video incidentally or from some other reason then you must know how excruciating is it. Be that as it may, now you don't need to stress any more since this advance software will get back all your valuable videos which wind up noticeably out of reach because of any reason. The program contains amazing features which will retrieve lost videos from memory card of GoPro or any other digital camera , for example, Canon, Nikon, Sony and more. In addition, it is easy to utilize and will recover all your deleted video in just few steps

Key Features Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Recover deleted videos as well as images from GoPro
  • Supports recovery of different video file format
  • Fast recovery rate and provide preview prior recovery
  • Facilitate recovery on different memory card and camera
  • Can be used for recovery on Mac as well as Windows computer

System requirements

System Requirements Windows  Mac
Operating System Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP OS X 10.12/El Capitan 10.11/Yosemite 10.10/Snow Leopard 10.6
Memory 1 GB recommended Minimum 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk 100 MB of free space Minimum 50 MB free
Processor Intel Intel

User's Review

"Last Sunday I attend a bike race where I have recorded some outstanding videos using my GoPro Camera. But unfortunately while previewing the video I accidentally delete some of them. I was very upset because I have to share those videos with my cousin. But thanks to this software which help me to get back those video again".- Zen Rolled


"I also suffer from data loss where I accidentally remove some of my favorite pictures. I have to present those pictures in my office for project and I was very scared. But thanks to my friend who suggest me this wonderful software that help me to access those pictures again".- Adam Pane


2.)Wise Data Recovery Software

Wise Data Recovery is another software in our list which will help you to recover deleted videos from GoPro camera. It is one of the best solution for your data loss problem and will retrieve your videos which get deleted accidentally, become inaccessible due to corruption, formatted etc. With its advance scanning features the software can recover data from such situation where recovery seems to be impossible. The software is equipped with fast scanning algorithm which allow it to finish the scanning process quickly which also save your valuable time. The best part of this software is its portability which means you can utilize it without writing it to your hard drive.

Key Features Of Wise Data Recovery Software

  • Safely recover deleted, lost, formatted videos from GoPro
  • Tackle almost all the data loss situation on different device
  • Display preview of all the recovered data before saving
  • Show the possibility of recovering lost or deleted files
  • Compatible with latest version of Windows and Mac OS

System requirements

System Requirements Windows  Mac
Operating System Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003 Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.10
Memory 1 GB recommended Minimum 500 MB RAM
Hard Disk 100 MB of free space 50 MB free space
Processor Intel Intel

User's Review

"Thanks to the software which save my important multimedia files. Actually I lost some crucial pictures and videos while transferring them to my PC. I connect the pen drive again to the PC but those files where not available. Finally I got this software which help me to get my files back".- Liza Ben


"I am a professional photographer and that's why my system is full of pictures. To maintain the storage I use to remove some unwanted pictures on regular basis. But unfortunately while removing some extra files I also deleted some important ones. I was little upset because I don't have other copy. But this software is really amazing which bring back those pictures".- Tony Hales


3.)Wondershare Photo Recovery

Wondershare Photo Recovery is the third software in our list which provide recovery of deleted videos from GoPro camera. If you own a GoPro camera then you must have recorded some action packed videos which you never want to delete. But mistake is common and we end up deleting such amazing videos. Now you don't have to worry because this software is here to help you. With its latest recovery feature the software will recover your deleted, formatted, lost, corrupted videos from GoPro camera. Apart from GoPro camera the software also recover deleted multimedia files from different digital camera as well as storage device. Easy to use and it will provide complete solution for recovering deleted videos and pictures.

Key Features Of Wondershare Photo Recovery

  • Quickly recover deleted or lost videos from GoPro camera
  • Safely retrieve your lost or deleted videos in short time
  • Display preview of the recovered file before restoration
  • Doesn't modify the original content of your lost data
  • Simple user interface and support latest Mac & Windows OS

System requirements

System Requirements Windows  Mac
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, 10.9, 10.10
Memory 1 GB recommended 256 MB or more
Hard Disk 200 MB of Free Space 100 MB free space
Processor Intel 1GHz Or above

User's Review

"I also suffer from data lost last week when my younger daughter deleted some pictures from digital camera. She was previewing her pictures and accidentally press delete button. But thanks to this wonderful software which allow me to recover those pictures".- Mark Hough


"Thankful to this software!! I have created some pictures to using a third party application. While saving them sudden my PC get shutdown and all the pictures become inaccessible. It was really a disaster for me because i don’t have time to prepare pictures again. But this software recover those photos and saved my time".- Holden crew


4.)Recuva photo recovery softwar

Recuva photo recovery is the last software in our list which can recover deleted videos from GoPro camera. In order to recover your deleted or lost video you just need to pick a proper software and it is such a program. Because of its latest recovery functionalities and advance algorithms the software easily recover your deleted GoPro videos with a quick rate. It is designed by a panel of expert which is capable of recovering deleted, corrupted, lost or formatted videos as well as pictures from any storage device. Disaster never come with prior notification but you don't have to worry because this software will handle your data loss problem. It has an simple user interface and compatible with all Windows OS.

Key Features Of Recuva photo recovery software

  • Recover lost or deleted video file from your GoPro camera
  • Advance mode scan hard drive deeply to find buried files
  • Capable of recovering multimedia files from any storage device
  • Provide option to preview files which also save your time
  • Enhanced user interface make the software easy to operate

System requirements

System Requirements Windows
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Memory 1 GB recommended
Hard Disk 250 MB of Free Space
Processor Intel

User's Review

"Last weekend I clicked some pictures of my daughter birthday and I save those pictures in my 8 GB pen drive. But while transferring those pictures to PC I accidentally eject the pen drive after which the pictures get corrupt. I almost lose those files but this software will retrieve my pictures".- Allen Bard


"This software is just amazing! It recover my deleted multimedia files which I have collected from Internet but accidentally delete while removing some unwanted files. Those files where removed from trash hence recovery seems impossible. But this software has done the job for me by recovering those files".- Jack Collen

Download Recuva Photo Recovery Software



The recovery software mentioned above are among the best available in market. Each software has been tested and all are capable of recovering deleted multimedia files. But the software we want to recommend is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. There are number of reason why it is recommended by us. While analyzing the software we found that some recovery rate was good while some scanning time is less. But this software will provide all those things which a proper recovery software must have.

The software scan the device quickly to scan the lost or deleted data and immediately start the recovery process. It is a tested software which is used by individual as well as professional to deal with data loss issue. No matter where you delete your GoPro video accidentally or they become inaccessible due to unknown reason, this software will safely bring back all those video and allow you to enjoy again. If your recovery get paused due to any reason then the software allow you to resume it again. If you really concern about your data then go with Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software.

User Guide For Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  User GuideFor Windows
  • Step 1: First download software. Then click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ option

  • Step 2: Now you have to select your internal or external storage device

  • Step 3: In order to select specific format go to Advanced Settings otherwise click on Scan now

  • Step 4: Here you will see the progress report of scanning process

  • Step 5: All your recovered files are listed, provide a location to restore them

  User GuideFor Mac
  • Step 1: Download & start software on your Mac. Click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ option

  • Step 2: Your drive and attached device will be shown here. Select your device and click on Scan

  • Step 3: Software start scanning your drive. You can see the scanning process

  • Step 4: Finally all your files will be shown. Select the necessary one and restore them